Tuesday, October 13, 2009

How To: Order Equipment

If your club orders equipment through the CRS office, here is an easy way to make sure your order gets placed quickly - provide all nessesary information! Not sure what information we do or don't need? Here's a quick run down, plus an easy way to get it to us!

If your order is more than $500, you can use a basic spreadsheet to get me the information I need. It should look something like this:

In this scenerio, we'd go with Vendor B because they have the lowest total price. We do this so that the State of Maryland can ensure that we're getting the best prices when using state money (CRS or SGA) to purchase equipment.

You can send the spreadsheet as an attachment, or you can drop it off in person. Either way, all of the information needs to be clear so we can place your order in a timely manner. Remember, it takes 2-3 days to process your order prior to placing the order with the company!

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