Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pink Whistle Campaign

Maryland Student Officials Association (MSOA) donated to Komen Maryland (the Maryland affiliate of the National Susan G. Komen Foundation) in the amount of $500 as a result of their Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Whistle Campaign. Thanks to MSOA members, family, and friends the club was able to sell whistles and acquire generous donations doubling their initial goal of $250.

Komen Maryland will allocate 75% of the donation to research and development within the state of Maryland.  Part of the donation will be used for various programs to help people affected by breast cancer including grants for individuals who are financially unable to get mammograms, transportation for cancer patients and their families to doctor's appointments, and movable feasts for cancer patients without the strength to prepare a meal after chemotherapy treatments. The other 25% goes to the national headquarters and will be used for research and development. 

Thank you to all those that took part in the Pink Whistle Campaign. Much recognition goes out to MSOA and their contribution to the University of Maryland, the surrounding community, and the national fight against breast cancer.

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