Monday, October 11, 2010

Spotlight on: Maryland Equestrian Club

The weekend of October 2-3 was a successful one for the Maryland Equestrian Club! The team attended a show hosted by Mount St. Mary's at Goucher College. Erica Carson made her debut as the club's new coach and helped coach the team to place 3rd overall out of 15 schools. The club is very proud of their huge accomplishment - as is CRS!

Here is the list of riders and their ribbons:
Arielle Bluestein: 2nd Open Flat/4th Open Fences
Andrew Artuso: 6th Intermediate Fences
Leandra Bitterfeld: 3rd Intermediate Fences
Lauren Marshall: 5th Intmediate Flat/4th Novice Fences (and qualified for regionals)
Lauren Bittle: 5th Novice Flat
Samantha Davis: 3rd Novice Flat
Jackie Kolansy: 2nd Novice Fences
Megan Hanifan: 1st Advanced wtc
Katie Gankos: 1st Advanced wtc

Congratulations on a great competition weekend!

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