Friday, September 24, 2010

How To: Member Rosters

We're 3 weeks into the season and at this point you should have turned in at least one batch of waivers. Still having a problem getting your members listed online so that CRS can match up your waivers to your members?

Here are a few ideas we talked about at the Officers Summit on Sept. 12:
  • Bring a laptop to practice and have people sign up as they come
  • Have a team meeting at a computer lab
  • Collect the information from your team members and have the officers enter it
Remember, each club needs to have at least 3 CPR certified members listed online, waivers should be turned in every week for new members, and every that attends practice needs to input their information online.

The easiest way to ensure that everyone at practice is registered/waivered online is to print out your member roster prior to practice and check people off as they come. You'll be able to hand out waivers to the folks that need it and will be able to tell them to get online ASAP.

Did you turn in waivers but see those folks still listed in grey at the bottom of your roster? It's possible either CRS hasn't updated the waivers online yet, OR those members didn't get online until after we went through the waivers. The easiest way to check the last time CRS updated your roster is to look at the time stamp, which is listed at the very bottom of your member roster:

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